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WordPress powers 1/3 of ALL websites!

WordPress powers 1/3 of ALL websites!

New data from W3Techs.com shows that WordPress continues to gain momentum as the #1 Content Management System. The closest rival has 3% of the market.

This growth means that more developers will invest their energies to make innovative add-ons (called plug-ins in the WordPress community) and WordPress will just better and better.

We’re dedicated WordPress experts. We can build whatever we can conceive of to meet the needs of your business. We’ll also teach you one-on-one how to use the admin tools so you can become adept WordPress users yourself.

Animations: Flash vs. HTML5

Flash vs HTML5
If your site disappears on a tablet or smart phone, chances are it was built using Adobe Flash. Flash used to be the only game in town when it came to animations, playing videos or creating fun and interactive sites. Unfortunately Flash also has a lot of drawbacks and Adobe did little to stay ahead of the game when it came to new technologies.

Smart phones, tablets and e-readers have become an essential part of many of our lives. These portable devices need to go everywhere without being connected to a wall socket. Battery life is crucial. Flash was notorious for running overtime in the background and eating up your battery.

HTML5 to the rescue! New internet standards such as HTML5 now make it easier to offer animations on all our computer devices. Your site can look great and function the same on the go.

At Thrive we specialize in converting your site to the latest and greatest technologies. Call us at 619-609-0021 or complete the contact form below to discuss converting your site to HTML5.

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