Web Design & WordPress Development

Computer code
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Design services include:

Logo Design
Brand Design (Marketing your brand with printed materials, t-shirts, business cards. We design these products but do not currently produce them.)
Design Systems
Video editing
Web Animation
Visual Story Telling
Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop
Digital Illustration with Adobe Illustrator

Website Updates

Includes adding new content, pages, images or video to an existing website.

Website Optimization

Optimization will make your website load at lightning speeds!

Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM systems allow an organization and its employees to track contacts they have with clients and prospects. Depending on the type of business you might be recording phone calls, emails, client entertaining like a lunch or round of golf, or in-person meetings. A CRM will usually produce reports to gauge which activities are the most productive. Banks and other financial institutions also pull in account information and calculate profitability at all levels of the organization.

Shopping Carts

We can help with Shopify, WIX and Woocommerce.

Reservation Systems

(Dining, Training, Conferences)

Digital Marketing

Mailing Lists/Targeted Marketing Campaigns
Mail Merges for Snail Mail
Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Database Management

Includes all the tasks that would keep the database running at full capacity. A couple examples include adding the latest zip codes, import new transactions, reconcile financial data, add memory, add new fields or tables necessary for new products.

Database Design

Includes gathering the requirements for the database and mapping the relationships between all the “objects” it will track. You usually need basic contact information for your customers like address, email and phone. A car dealership would need information like income, credit rating, last car purchase or model preferences. A Database Designer literally creates a visual map that shows where each piece of data is stored.

Database Programming/Development

A DBA creates the database, tables and fields based on the database “map.” Creates indexes that make searches faster. Creates triggers that ensure any change in the data is reflected across the system. If a client moves out of state, for example, you might notify your office in their new home town.

Database Support

Software Design
Software Programming
User Interface Design

Software Development

Development of Blogs

Content creation
Content proofing/editing

Maintenance Contracts

Includes 24 Hour support


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