Thrive’s Web Design & Development Process

Here is an outline of our web design & development process. We use this process to successfully take your project from start to finish.

Through a series of calls and meetings we’ll gather all the information we need to have the best understanding of your business and goals.
Like a building, a website needs a solid blueprint.  Together we’ll determine the best way to organize your website and sketch out a rough outline of its functions.
It will be your job to collect, organize, edit, and deliver to us content for each page of the website. We can help you with copywriting and editing.
At the same time you are working on content we will create non-functioning comprehensive layouts showing possible design directions.
With all the necessary architecture, content, and design elements in hand we’ll create the first working version of your website.  Getting your website ready to go “live” will inevitably require several rounds of revisions and polish.
We do extensive testing.  We will test your site on Windows PCs and Apple MACs (desktops and laptops) as well as Android and Apple tablets and phones of different sizes.  This is a necessary part of “responsive design” as each device has unique ways of presenting content and images.
Once the website is ready, we’ll go through the final launch checklist.  Replacing an older existing site is usually done after business hours.  We move our code and content from the development environment to the live environment and do a quick round of testing to make sure all links work and images are visible.  Installing an SSL certificate (an important security feature) requires making additional updates and testing which is usually an additional 2 hours.  Brand new sites can take up to 24 hours to be visible.  Servers that create the “web” must get updated with your new domain information.
Your site is now live!  Over the next several weeks our team will be training you on how to manage the website and help you solve any issues.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the first of many steps to market your brand and drive traffic to your site.  SEO tells Google, Bing and other search engines what kind of content and products your site offers. A comprehensive marketing plan may also include Social Media, Local Listings, Pay Per Click campaigns and Email Marketing.
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