Creative Services with Adobe software

We have the software and experience to make your website look great and even amaze. Modern websites require illustrations, photographs and videos that engage users and tell a story about the person, company or product featured on the site.  Web Designers depend on software to make all those visual assets and Adobe is the creative software leader.  The icons on this page are all Adobe applications which come bundled in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

If you wanted to make an animated film, you would design the characters in Illustrator, make the backgrounds with Photoshop, animate the characters with Animate, create special effects with After Effects and edit the video in Premiere Pro.

As Web Designers there are two applications we use daily – Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Photoshop is for editing digital photographs. It blurs the boundaries of reality because you can easily create a realistic image in which you’re feeding dinosaurs from your hands. You can add reflections, new sources of light, make it look like evening, change the pattern on a dress or become a brunette.  You can also edit video with Photoshop.  For example, you can change the color of a car and it will maintain the new color even as it speeds away.

Illustrator creates images that are scalable vectors.  You “build” a vector image with layers. Each layer becomes a mathematical formula in the computer. Vectors are great for logos, badges, comics and animations, interactive maps, colorful illustrations, and architectural or technical drawings. Vectors can be resized (enlarged or shrunk) and still retain their sharp edges and crisp focus. Add a little more math with CSS (cascading style sheet) and vectors can be animated.

We make simple animations frequently, like neon that flickers, moving boats or transforming menus. We LOVE working in illustrator. The image below is an example from a series Jim is working on of famous neon signs.

We freely admit to being geeks. We find it fun to work with all these programs. Because they’re so powerful, they require a commitment to learn and more time to stay current as the software evolves.

Today, literally anyone can build a website. Your website is an important investment in you and your company. Our experience will translate into a professional and engaging website you will be proud of.

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