Website Tune‑Ups

Holding iPhone X

Mobile devices have became the most common way to access the web, so keeping your website tuned‑up is more important than ever. To stay competitive your site must load quickly, look good and work well on a phone.

Just like a car, the performance of a website can degrade over time. New code is introduced with new versions of WordPress, upgraded plugins, or added functions that make the site more useful. New code can conflict with old code which can slow things down.

We’ve become tune‑up experts that use the latest techniques to optimize your site’s performance. We guarantee your newly tuned-up website will load in 3 seconds or less.

When we tune‑up your site we thoroughly test your site and make changes to the code to optimize performance. This is a process of a dozen plus steps that include shrinking images while maintaining their clarity, reducing the amount of code and processing the remaining code so it works together without bottlenecks.

Here are 3 free services you can use to independently test your own site.  Click one of the images below, type in your web address when the page loads and then hit the analyze button.

If you’re not getting an A on those tests than you’re loosing business.  Visitors will leave your site if it isn’t snappy.

Call us now at 619-609-0021 to get your site tune-up!

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