Environmental Science Associates (ESA) Project

I will post more information about the project for Environmental Science Associates but wanted to share this nice thank you from Jocelyn Seltenrich.

I was the sole developer and the project was very large in scope. We’re all so proud of the final product

Thank you from ESA posted on LinkedIn

Website Hosting

When you type in the address of a website, programming code interprets what you want and pulls information from a database, retrieves instructions on how to style each page, and displays images such as logos and photos, animations and videos. All those files must be hosted on a server which is available 24/7 to anyone interested in your business. Servers require constant monitoring and updating and are kept in very secure, temperature controlled environments.

Thrive Web Solutions does not offer hosting services because there are dozens of well respected companies offering hosting at very affordable prices. We also believe it is in your best interest to have your own hosting account that is maintained by someone other than your developer. Hosting companies maintain servers around the world which means your site will not be disrupted if your city experiences an event like a temporary power outage. Our passion is helping you and your business be successful. We also understand that not every working relationship is a good fit. If you control the hosting account you have the ability to easily find another developer. That gives you peace of mind and keeps us on our toes.

We recommend purchasing all the services that support your website and business from different vendors. Keeping these services separate protects your personal data and prevents downtime. We purchased from We host our website at and we subscribe to Outlook 365 email through

We work with dozens of hosting companies and find they all use similar tools we’re very familiar with. If you’re creating a completely new website we’ll be happy to recommend several vendors for your needs.

We decided a couple of years ago to host all of our websites with SiteGround. They constantly upgrade their equipment and have amazing support. They are widely considered the best place for hosting WordPress sites. They have curated unique tools that will keep your site finely tuned and loading as quickly as possible.

We even joined the siteground affiliate program so we can offer you discounts and earn credits we can apply toward our hosting account. You can click the banner below to purchase a hosting account with special discounts.

Web Hosting

Your website produces green house gases!

coal-burning-electricityScientists have begun calculating how much electricity is consumed by the internet. It requires a great deal of electricity to keep all the servers and routers in climate controlled environments. Most electricity is still generated by the burning of coal. Generating that electricity creates CO2. Already the internet emits more CO2 than aviation. Worldwide only a small fraction of electricity is produced with clean renewable methods. Turns out the larger your website the additional traffic also creates more CO2.

I found this site that will calculate your site’s “emissions.”

Here is Thrive’s score:Website Carbon Footprint

I optimized the image down to 16% of its original size.

So optimizing your website will make your customers happy to use your fast site and it’s good for the environment!

Article: Need for Speed

Highlights from:

The Need For Speed: 7 Observations On The Impact Of Page Speed To The Future Of Local Mobile Search

1. Consumers Want Speed
2. Speed Is A Google Ranking Factor For Mobile
3. Google Has Set The Bar High
4. New, Speedier Mobile Web Page Formats Are Being Introduced
5. Local Businesses Must Adapt, Too
6. Heavier Content Is Dragging Us Down
7. Some Basic Tips For Speeding Up Your Website

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