Optimized for Speed

Holding iPhone XIn the last 2 years mobile phones have become the primary way that people use the internet.  Some studies show that as many as 70% of visitors to your site will be using their phone.  That’s a pretty incredible change in behavior but not surprising considering that our new phones have 100,000 times more processing power than the computers NASA used to go the moon.

It’s more important than ever that your site load quickly, look good and work well on a phone.

A site that adapts to any screen size is called “responsive.”  Sites need to be “optimized” to load quickly.

Optimization is a process of a dozen plus steps that include using tools to shrink images while maintaining their clarity, reducing the amount of code and processing the remaining code so it works together without bottlenecks.

Here are 3 free services you can use to independently test your own site.  Click one of the images below, type in your web address when the page loads and then hit the analyze button.



Google PageSpeed Insights

If you’re not getting an A on those tests than you’re loosing business.  Visitors will quickly abandon a site that isn’t snappy.

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