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WordPress powers 1/3 of ALL websites!

New data from W3Techs.com shows that WordPress continues to gain momentum as the #1 Content Management System. The closest rival has 3% of the market. This growth means that more developers will invest their energies to make innovative add-ons (called plug-ins in the WordPress community) and WordPress will just better and better. We’re dedicated WordPress …

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Reasons to Love WordPress

From https://wpengine.com/ Award Winning Designers overwhelmingly turn to WordPress to create the sites they design. This Infographic visually explains why.

Animations: Flash vs. HTML5

If your site disappears on a tablet or smart phone, chances are it was built using Adobe Flash. Flash used to be the only game in town when it came to animations, playing videos or creating fun and interactive sites. Unfortunately Flash also has a lot of drawbacks and Adobe did little to stay ahead …

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